Saturday, July 6, 2019

New Studio

The Longarm and new table are being set up today. Hope to be back in business soon. Keith from Mulqueen's arrived at about 10am and had all in place withing two hours. 

Before picture, still unpacking boxes of fabric!
Longarm set up day. New Table!

Machine in place.

Almost set up.
Unfortunately we had some glitches in the new system and the longarm is not quite up and running. I downsized my table to a 12ft, and as you can see it just barely fits the space with enough room for me to get around. With the new table, we upgraded the track system and had two new motors installed. We had some issues with the controller for the computerized statler system, so Keith will be back to trouble shoot the system with Gammill next week. In the mean time, I will be working on getting my sewing maching and a new design wall in place. I see some sewing happening soon!

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  1. Tears shed for all the troubles you are having with your long arm. Keith will have it working for you soon. Sandi


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