Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Longarm Moving Day!

Moving day is here, well at least moving my Longarm. Most of my other stuff is already at the new house in Arizona. Keith from Mulqueen's in Mesa Arizona, drove over to San Diego to dismantle my 14 foot table and longarm and move it to Scottsdale. Keith has been very helpful with the entire moving process and I don't know how I would have moved it without him.  We will be switching out the table for a 12 foot and the new Breeze Track System. I have had my long arm since 2003 and it was time for a little update.

Keith starting the dismantle.
Keith was able to get the whole thing dismantled and on the truck in two hours. He then headed back to Arizona and will be setting up new table and machine on Saturday after 4th of July Looking forward to getting back to quilting soon.

Keith and I. He is getting ready to head back to Arizona.
Not much sewing or quilting getting done. Hope to be back at it soon!

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  1. Come on Keith! I need my quilter back in the saddle =^.^=


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