Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy 2015!

Well, this will be the last post for 2014, and I as I look back over the year, I was able to complete 10 of the 12 UFO's that I set out to finish for 2014. See my completion's here. I used up 123 yards of my stash, but added an additional 89 yards, which gave me a net of only 34 yards used. Hope to do a little better in 2015! 

This is Lady of Lake Erie, one of the 12 UFOs I have lined up for 2015. You can see all of them here. Yes, more than half of them are Bonnie Hunter patterns. I love her scrap quilts and they are a great way to use up the stash. I will be joining Aunt Marti over at 52 quilts for the 12 in 2015 challenge. Check it out to see if you would like to play along.

I hope you all have some great projects lined up for the new year!
Happy New Year to all and see you in 2015

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Design Wall

It has a been a busy couple of weeks since my last post. I started this post on December 14 and have finally posted it! December is flying by and only a couple of more days to get in the final finishes for 2014. I will be working on catching up with Bonnie Hunters Mystery and working on my Survivor Quilt.

Here is where I am on Survivor. This is one of the two blocks in this quilt and I am busy sewing away. All the pieces are cut for the Star block and waiting by my sewing machine

Next up is Bonnie Hunter's Mystery Quilt- Grand Illusion. I have finished clue one and clue four. Have all the pieces cut our for clue 2 &3, and have started cutting for clue 5. So now just need to sit at my sewing machine and get going. Lucky for me I have the next couple of days off. 

Block 1 complete.
Clue 2 ready to sew all the pieces.
Clue 3- all strips are cut.
What are you working on this week??
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Thursday, November 27, 2014

I hope you are enjoying your day with Family and Friends!

This week on my Design Wall is Survivor. This quilt was started over a year ago during the 2013 San Diego Quilt Show. It was a class by Joyce Weeks and I a using all fabrics from my stash, including the chedder, which I purchased sometime ago. This quilt requires a lot of cutting, and is very scrappy. So that is what I have been working on this week. I will catch a little bit of sewing time today in between having a great Turkey dinner courtesy of DH and Mimi's. Then I am off to work, as I have one of thoses jobs in retail and we open the store at 6pm!  

Counting down the hours until Bonnie releases the first clue of her Grand Illusion Mystery tomorrow!!! 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday Stash Report

This week I have a finish to report. Pfefferneuse is done. This is my UFO for December, so I am ahead with this one. But still have October (Lilibet's Garden) and November (Survivor) to complete.

Check this out. I really love the pink and brown, and all the fabrics came from my stash. Mostly leftovers from the Dear Jane Quilt. This one I am going to try to quilt this month.

Just a few adds to report. I am getting ready for Bonnie Hunter's new Mystery Quilt called
 Grand Illusion. The first clue will be out right after Thanksgiving.  I had the greens, pinks, neutrals and blacks, but needed the constant yellow and the turquoise blues. So after a quick trip to Rosie's I now have everything needed to get started. If you have not done one of Bonnie's Mystery Quilts, I would recommend that you check it out and see if you would like to play along.

I also added a couple of neutrals and some reds for a quilt I will be making next year sometime called Lady of Lake Erie.

Here are the current numbers!

Used this week: 15 yards.
Used YTD: 123.5 yards.
Purchased this week: 6.0 yards.
Purchased YTD: 89.5 yards
Net Fabric used in 2014: 34. yards

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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Sunday Stash Report

Well, I sort of have a finish for this week. I have finished all the chevron units for our swap coming up at the end of November. All 288 of them. Yes these did take awhile to sew together, but I did get some purple and blue bonus half square triangles to use in a couple of other projects!

Now I just have to pack them up and get to Sandi by the end of the month. These units will be used in Bonnie Hunters Midnight Flight quilt from her new book. You can check it out here.

So really, nothing added and nothing subtracted for this week. Hopefully soon!

Used this week: 0 yards.
Used YTD: 108.5 yards.
Purchased this week: 0 yards.
Purchased YTD: 83.5 yards
Net Fabric used in 2014: 25.0 yards

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Design Wall Monday

This week I have a couple of things I am working on. First off is my Lilibet's Garden, slowly making progress with sewing all the applique pieces down. This one needs to be completed by the end of the month. 

Next on the list is Pfeffernuse, which is on the floor ready to be sewn into rows. As you can see in the lower right corner, I am short one block! Will be putting that together before I go any further. I am also working on a string border for this one- thanks Sandi for the idea!

Lastly, I am working on our swap which is due at the end of November. We are all making the purple and blue blades for a quilt called Midnight Flight, by Bonnie Hunter. I have about 100 half way done with some bonus triangles to use in another project.

What are you working on this week. See some great design walls and  a lot of inspiration at
Patchwork Times.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sunday Stash Report

This week my stash is going in the wrong direction, with only a couple of additions and no finishes!

The  brown fabric  below, was purchased at Cozy Quilts, as a backing for my Pfeffernuse quilt, which is now on the floor waiting to be sewn into rows. The green was just a great piece to add to my stash for a future project.

I also added the blues and green from Memory Lane Quilt Shop, for Bonnie Hunter's Scrap Crystal quilt which I started in a workshop last week. I was lucky enough to take two workshops with Bonnie last week. The other one was Winston Ways. Both are from her new book, More Adventures with Leaders and Enders.

Bonnie and I with my Scrap Crystal Block.

Here are the updated number. Hope to have a few finishes by the end of the month!

Used this week: 0 yards.
Used YTD: 108.5 yards.
Purchased this week: 10.5 yards.
Purchased YTD: 83.5 yards
Net Fabric used in 2014: 25.0 yards.

Hope you are doing better than I am! Check out all the other reports at Patchwork Times.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Twelve in Fourteen.

Here is my UFO Finish for September!  It is called Twister Jack and uses the twister ruler. I purchased this in Bozeman Montana, while on a road trip last fall to Yellowstone National Park. Not sure if I am a big fan of this process, as you have to sew together squares, just to cut them up and sew them back together again!! It's like making a quilt twice, but I do really like the result!

Twister Jack.
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Design Wall Monday

This week I am making progress on my Pfeffernuese!  All blocks are completed and I am on my way to putting it all together.  Taking some vacation from the day job, before we get into our busy holiday season. So hope to get this one complete this week. Wish me luck.

I also completed this week, the Sunshine Guild BOM, which is not due until Tuesday Oct 14. It is nice to be ahead for once. I like the choice of the grey for the neutral. Everyone was is supposed to pick a bright batik for the star. I would love to win these blocks!

Check out my next post for my UFO finish for September, just in time for the UFO parade at 52 quilts.

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sunday Stash Report

Happy Sunday- the last week of September. Hard to believe that it will soon be the holidays!

No finishes this week, just a couple of adds. First off, I needed a gold fabric for binding for my Orca Bay Quilt, another Bonnie Hunter pattern. Sunshine Guild will be hosting Bonnie in a few short weeks for a couple of workshops. I have signed up for both! 

Second up, I found these great strips for a future Christmas project from Memory Lane Quilt shop during the San Diego Quilt Show.

Here are the current numbers:

Used this week: 0 yards
Used Year to date 108.50 yards.
Purchased this week: 4.0 yards.
Purchased year to date 73.0 yards.
Net Fabric used in 2014 35.5 yards.

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Around the World Blog Hop!

Jennifer over at Curlicue Creations, invited me to play along on an
Around the World Blog Hop. I will be sharing a little bit about my creative process, some of my quilts, and linking you up with a couple of other bloggers to share what they are all about. So here goes...

I live in beautiful San Diego, where today we are having a heat wave- over 100 degrees! I have been sewing/quilting for almost 40 years, ( hard to believe!) and I have made well over 100 quilts. You can see many of them at Kerry's Quilting on Pinterest.

1.What am I currently working on? I have over 30 projects waiting to be completed, so for the last couple of years I have joined in with Aunt Marty over at 52 Quilts, for her UFO Challenge. So each month I am working on trying to get a UFO finished. If I complete 12 a year it will only take me 2 1/2 years to complete! Of coursed this is assuming that I don't add any more projects. :) Currently I am working on a Bonnie Hunter Quilt called Pfeffernuse. Mine will be more pink and brown (leftovers from the Dear Jane Quilt) than red. My current favorite quilt designs are scrappy, so I have become a fan of Bonnie Hunter's Patterns and have made quite a few of them.


I am usually working on a couple or projects at once, so here are a few more below.

Hand appliqued blocks's for "A Different Path Quilt"
 I have recently tried my hand at applique and have found that I can do it! It was not one of my favorite methods in the past, but has now become a great tool to have in my quilting tool box. Also a great take along project for those car trips that we go on a couple times a year.

Red/White/Blue Dear Jane
Yes, I am making another Dear Jane Quilt!!  I know- I am crazy, but I LOVE making those cute little 4 1/2 inch blocks. This one will have all the triangles.

2. How does my work differ from others? Not sure how to answer this one. While I use many patterns from different designers, I almost always try to put a little spin on it by either using  a different color pallete, changing up the blocks, or a different border treatment. My favorite color is red and it shows up in many of my quilts.

3. Why do I create? I love the whole process of quilting, from picking out the pattern, to fabric/color selection, to piecing the top together, all the way through the process of finishing a quilt.  ( I also have a longarm to finish all those quilts!) I find it challenging and relaxing all at once. I also love the geometry of quilting-it was one of my favorite subjects in school. So traditional piecing and more traditional patterns are my favorite, although I am also a big fan of Judy Niemeyer's patterns.

4. How does my creative process work? No suprises here! I start with a pattern, from a book, magazine, or any other source, sometimes it might be a fabric, and then see where it takes me. Sometimes it is something specific for someone special. Other times it is just the challenge or complexity of a particular pattern. Or it might be a design to use my stash.

Now on to a couple of Bloggers that I would like you to meet! They will be posting on 9/22/14 so make sure you head over and check them out.

First off is Sandi over at Kwiltnkats. I have known Sandi for over 10 years and she is my closest friend. She is an award wining quilter, who makes amazing quilts, and sews very fast- it is not unusual for her to make 30 quilts a year. She also is great with color. Check out this beauty!


Next up is my sister Lynne, over at Da's Crochet Connection. I thought I would change things up a bit and showcase an awesome crocheter. Lynne does turn out a couple of quilts a year, but her current passion is crocheting. I love her granny squares! Visit her blog to find out what she did with the 356 Granny Squares she made last year.

356 Granny Squares

Thanks for visiting and make sure you check out all the other bloggers in the Around the World Blog Hop!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Design Wall

Making Progress on my next UFO. I have half of the the brown string blocks completed and, as you can see below, work in progress on the 288 hour glass units. This will take awhile!

The San Diego Quilt Show ended last Saturday and below are the Quilts that I had in the show. No winners this year, but maybe next time....

Celtic Solstice 

Promised Land
Jamestown Landing.
Hope you have a great week and don't forget to see all the other design walls at Patchwork Times!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Design Wall Monday

September is here! Boy, this year is flying by! 

Since I have my UFO finished for September, #5 Twister Jack, I am moving on to one of my other UFO's for the year. Pfefferneuse, another pattern from Bonnie Hunter in her String Fling book. I will be making it in the leftover pink and brown fabrics from my Dear Jane Quilt.

 So today I am cutting brown strings for the string blocks and sewing a few together- there are 36 of these.

 I already have all the neutral string blocks from a swap done awhile back. Just have to trim and cut in half.

 I have all the pieces cut to put together the hourglass units. This will be a sit and sew, sew, sew!

Hope to make good progress this week!

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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunday Stash Report and UFO Finish

This week I have a finish to report! 
I have finished the Mystery Quilt from Karen Sievert at the Nifty Needle. This was a class at Road to California Quilt show in 2013. It is a very big quilt, finishing at 90x104, but the pieces were pretty big to work with and it did finish up quickly once I got back to it!

I did purchase a bit to add to the stash, but for the most part have stayed out of the Quilt shops this week. That is about to change with the San Diego Quilt Show coming up next week. I will be attending Pre-view night on Wednesday, which is always the best night to go. No crowds and all the vendors are open to shop!

Here are the numbers for this week:

Used this week: 20.0 yards.
Used Year to date: 114.25 yards
Purchased this week: 2.0 yards.
Purchased Year to date: 71.0 yards.
Net Fabric Used in 2014: 43.25 yards.

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Design Wall Monday

This week I will be working on my August UFO- only two more weeks to finish!

Expect the Unexpected.

This was a Mystery Quilt from Road to California Quilt Show in 2013. Time to get it done!

Here are the two finished blocks. I have 14 more of each block to go, but have all the pieces cut out. This is a pretty big quilt, 90x104, large enough for a Queen bed. It should go fast, once I get going on it.

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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sunday Stash Report

Hi All!
It has been awhile since my last post, but I have two finishes to report. First up is Equinox my UFO for July. This was a fun quilt from Cozy Quilts using a 2.5' Bali Pop. 


Second up are the applique block of the month from Temecula Quilt Company. They were designed by Lori Smith. I rerally enjoyed working on these appliques blocks and I will have to say my applique work is getting better every day. Sandi over at Kwiltnkats donated the black fabric for the border. (Thanks Sandi!)

I have managed to stay out of the Quilt shops lately, so nothing to add for the last couple of weeks.Here are the updated numbers:

Used this week: 14.25 yards.

Used Year to date: 108.50 yards.
Purchased this week: 0 yards.
Purchased Year to date: 69.0 yards.
Net Fabric Used in 2014: 39.5 yards.

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Monday, July 7, 2014

Design Wall Monday

This week finds me working on a couple of projects. First up is my July UFO, Equinox. I have everything cut and marked and will get sewing this week. This is a Cozy Quilt Shop pattern and is made up of 2.5" strips. It should go together pretty fast.

I also have prepped and glued down all the pieces for this Flower Pot applique. This is a pattern by Susan Prioleau that I purchased awhile back. I was thinking that I might make it the center of a Round Robin quilt. 

I have much to keep my busy this week! What are you working on this week?  
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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Stash Report

Happy Fourth of July Weekend!

Nothing to report finished this week. Still a couple of works in progress. I did add a little for the Freedom Rings Quilt that Sandi and I will be working on- hopefully later this year. Below are a couple of reds that I found that I will be sharing with Sandi over at Kwiltnkats

Here are the numbers for this week:
Used this week: 0 yards.
Used Year to date: 94.25 yards
Purchased this week: 2.0 yards.
Purchased Year to date: 69.0 yards.
Net Fabric Used in 2014: 25.25 yards.

See how everyone else is doing at Patchwork Times. Have a great Week!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Design Wall Monday

On my design wall this week will be UFO #12- Equinox. This is a strip club pattern by Cozy Quilts. The fabric was purchased awhile ago. This should be a fun easy quilt to put together and give me a break from all the Bonnie Hunter patterns I have been working on so far this year.

I will also be working on putting some backings together. Have all the squares cut, just need to get some sewing time in this week! Hope you have a fun project to work on this week! See what everyone else is doing at Patchwork Times.

Stash Report.

This weeks finish is Crab Apples, a Bonnie Hunter Pattern from her book Leaders and Enders. I am really happy with the way it turned out! Purchases this week were 2 yards of fabric to complete a future UFO!

Crab Apples

Here are the updated numbers- looking a little better!
Used this week: 17.25 yards.
Used Year to date: 94.25 yards
Purchased this week: 2.0 yards.
Purchased Year to date: 67.0 yards.
Net Fabric Used in 2014: 27.25 yards.

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Saturday, June 28, 2014

UFO Finish!

Here is my UFO finish for June- Crab apples!  This is a pattern from Bonnie Hunter's book Adventures with Leaders and Enders. It started out as a swap with a great group of my quilting friends. We traded the nine patch blocks pictured below, so we would have lots of variety. I finished the quilt during our annual quilting retreat last weekend. We had a great time and I think everyone got a lot accomplished.

Nine patches

Crab Apples

We are half way through the year and I am happy to report that I have actually been able to keep up and even get a little ahead. Hope you are making progress on all your UFO's this year!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Design Wall Monday

This week brings our annual quilt retreat with about 12 of my quilting friends. My sister will also be coming down from Sacramento to join us. I am looking forward to seeing her. We will all meet on Thursday afternoon for four days of sewing, eating, and catching up. 

I have a couple of projects I will be working on. One will be my UFO for June, Crab Apple. I spent Sunday cutting out all the pieces. The nine patches are done, and all the pieces are ready for paper piecing the trees. One more fabric to find is a brown for the inner border, will check my stash first!  

Next I will be working on Twister Jack, another UFO for this year. Looking forward to using the Twister ruler for this one.

I will also bring Five and Dime, a project that I mentioned in my previous post. Yes, I always bring more than I could possible finish, but it will be fun to try! What will you be working on this week? 

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