Sunday, August 30, 2020

Sunday Stash Report

Nothing finished and nothing added to the stash this week. Blocks were completed for the Snowflake Mystery. Looking forward to our finish this coming Friday.

Block 3

Block 4

Also completed were August Heart and Hand Blocks. It has been fun working on these small blocks each month. They finish at 4.5"

No changes in numbers this week. Looking for a finish with the Snowflake Mystery.

Used this week: 0 yards
Used YTD: 146.5 yards.
Purchased this week: 0 yards
Purchased YTD:  76.5 yards.
Net Fabric Used YTD: 70 yards.

Have a great week!


  1. Sue tells me the layout on my Sunday Stash Report is spot on for the Jelly Snowflake Mystery. She says the middle is just a plain background square. Your heart and hand blocks are looking great. Sandi


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