2015 UFOs

The new year brings 12 new UFOs to finish! Here is my line up. I will be participating in 12 in 2015 at 52 quilts again this year, with hopefully a finish each month.

#1 Scrap Crystals from Bonnie Hunter. 
This was started in a workshop in October of 2014.

#2 Grand Illusion is Bonnie Hunters 2014 Mystery Quilt. 
In progress now, but will become a 2015 finish

#3 Winston Ways-yes another Bonnie Hunter quilt, 
and started in a workshop in October 2014.

#4 Downton Abbey Mystery Quilt will be started in a worksop at 
Road 2 California Quilt show January 2015.

#5 Midnight Flight. Yes another Bonnie Hunter Quilt 
that was started in 2014 as a swap with quilting friends.

#6 Lazy Sunday. Love the colors in this one!

#7. Lady of Lake Erie. This will be made in reds for Mom.

#8 Batik Feathers is another workshop at Road 
that I will be taking in January 2015.

#9 Sisters Nine Patch. Blocks are done and cheddar squares are 
cut out. Just have to put together.

#10 Calendar Quilts for the month of April. I bought a couple of these
kits a few years back and they are quick and easy. 

#11 Valentine Squares. Super easy and should be a 
quick one in between all those Bonnie Hunter Quilts!

#12 Woodland Wildlife. This will be for my Granddaughter Violet.


  1. What a lot of great quilts you are going to have!

  2. Just love #12...not sure which critter I like best...leaning towards the hedgehog =^.^=