Sunday, May 5, 2024

Stash Report

Yes, I did get this charity quilt finished, but it was the only sewing I did all week. This is headed for the longarm and will be quilted up this coming week.

 My Fairy Duster quilt is coming along slowly. There are 92 friendship star blocks to make for the blocks and borders. They finish at 3". I have cut out most of them with the Accquilt- which is making it much easier. Two of the large paper-peiced blocks are done and two more cut out and ready to sew.  Much work to be done on this one!

Nothing purchased this week.

 Used this week: 10 yards.
Used YTD: 107.5 yards.
Purchased this week: 0yards.
Purchased YTD: 63 yards.
Net Fabric Used YTD: 44.5 yards.

Enjoy your week!

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  1. Good morning Kerry. how are you doing? i love your charity quilt. can you tell me the name of the pattern? i may be interested in doing something like this for my son for Christmas. it looks like a fun quilt and am thinking of doing in black, grey and red. what are your thoughts? have a wonderful, blessed day Kerry. i hope all is well. Happy Mother's Day. are you visiting San Diego this weekend? Debra Broyles


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