Monday, February 15, 2021

Design Wall Monday


If you are off today, I hope you are enjoying the day and maybe even getting some quilting done.

On my Design Wall this week is the first of 4 I Spy quilts. This has been fun and fast to put together, with most of the work in cutting all the novelty squares. Thanks to Sandi and Betty for donating some great fabrics. All that is left to do on this one is sew the rows together and finish the borders.

I spy #1

I am awaiting fabrics to get started on the next one, so will be sewing the blocks for Vintage Christmas this week, that were cut out last week. 

On the longarm this week is Grassy Creek. I quilted Sandi's last week and loved the pattern and thread choice, so I am doing the same on mine. Next up will be a couple more projects from Sandi that are in the mail and should arrive tomorrow.

Have a great week!


  1. You are welcome for the donation for your grand children's I Spy quilts. I was so excited to have my Grassy Creek arrive yesterday. You are too far ahead of me to catch up on Vintage Christmas... Great Post! Sandi

  2. you are well on your way making your I Spy quilts. Glad that I was albe to help you out. Like the choice of colors for your Grassy Creek quilt, nice to be retired and completing your list of projects?


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