Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Design Wall

Cabin 34
This week DH and I are celebrating out 5th Anniversary up in Mammoth Lakes. We are staying in a cute cabin at Tamarack Lodge on Twin Lakes. It is a beautiful setting. There is still quite a bit of snow up here especially above 9000 ft, which makes many of our favorite hiking trails out of reach.

Crystal Crag
Crystal Craig is one of our favorite hikes, but still too much snow, so cannot hike very far on the trail. We did hike out to Parker Lake- which is always a spectacular place to go. It is a glacier fed lake and very blue.

Parker lake
Not too much accomplished on the sewing front. One DJ block completed and some sewing for the first block for Lazy Sunday. I have set up a cozy sewing station in our cabin, but it has been much too beautiful here to spend much time inside!

Sewing Corner

DJ  K-8

Check back later this week to see if I have made any progress.😊

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  1. Such a nice secluded cabin, glad that you are enjoying your "get out of town" retreat. Beautiful scenery. Cute cozy corner to sew in. Look forward to seeing what else you are sewing on. Have fun.


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