Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Stash Report

Happy Spring! March is flying by and no finishes to report this week, just a work in progress. A couple of fabrics were added to the stash for future projects.

These will be for a Patriotic Quilt I will be trying to finish for Sunshine Quilt Guild Challenge in May.

Work in progress below is Prairie Gathering, with the 3rd month completed. It is starting to get bigger and soon will not fit on the design wall. I am really loving these fabrics by Pam Buda.

Here are the new numbers for the week:

Used this week: 6 yards.
Used YTD: 42 yards.
Purchased this week: 2.75 yards.
Purchased YTD: 37.25 yards.
Net Fabric Used YTD: 6.75 yards.

Have a great week and check out more reports at Patchwork Times.


  1. I like your block for Prairie Gathering, that will be some awesome quilt. I will be looking forward to see your patriotic block for the guild. You know me I love, red, white and blue.

  2. I am trying to find the instructions to a quilt labeled Disappearing Nine Patch on Point that has your name (Kerry's quilting) at the bottom. I have not seen it on any of the tabs at the top on your site. ??? I copied the picture and did a google search, but still don't know the name of it.

    In desperation I printed a small section of a lap quilt made in the same style, cut the pieces out with scissors and put them back into 9 patches to try to figure out how the quilt was made (where to put certain colors and how to make the cuts). I know, crazy, but I love it and I'm a beginner who can't 'see' the pattern.

    It looks like is a disappearing nine patch making 1/2 of the blocks with 5"charms comprised of a matching light fabric forming the + but a dark one in the center.

    The other half of the blocks are not pieced, just simply cut as a fat quarter the same size as the 9 patch blocks yielding triangles w/0 seams.

    All of the blocks are cut in half twice with a + yielding 4 sections. Those 4 sections are halved to form 8 triangles. If you can help me find the name of this style and a video it would be awesome! Thank you!

  3. I forgot to select 'notify me' in the above plea for help. Sorry. I'm hoping this helps us stay connected! :)


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