Sunday, July 17, 2022

Sunday Stash Report.

Kings River

Back from our extended road trip and back to some sewing this week. We spent some time in Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks befrore returning home on Friday.

Roaring River Falls

We hiked to Roaring River Falls, and spent some time in Meadow and saw one of the largest Sequoia's in the park. the General Grant tree in Kings Canyon.

General Grant

Next up, we spent time in Sequoia National Park. A lot of driving on winding roads, with many hairpin curves. We hiked up Morro Rock and walked a path around a meadow surrounded by giant Sequoia's.

View from Morro Rock

Driving through Tunnel Log

Path through Giant Sequioa's.

Nothing finished and nothing added to the stash report. Hope to get a bit of sewing in this week before I am off on my next adventure.

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