Monday, April 4, 2022

Design Wall Monday

 This week on the design wall or I should say design table, will be the microwave bowls and my behind the scene project. I also hope to get back to Winter Blues as this was my UFO that was picked for April. I am currently working on the 16 patches with the pile of segments below.

16 patch segments.

On the longarm this week is one of two Rododendron Trail quilts for Joan and her mom in Hemet.

Longarm this week.

It will be a busy week for me, how about your? Hope you are working on a fun project this week!


  1. can i please get a copy of your microwave bowl pattern? or can you tell me the name of the pattern so i can purchase? love your bowls. you are so awesome Kerry!!! wishing you a lovely day.

  2. i forgot to enter my email address: thanks again.

  3. Now you've done four very similar projects! The three I've seen are a bit different in the bright pink of yours, the muted pink of Joan's and the peach that is mine. Like each of them. Sandi


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