Monday, July 6, 2020

Design Wall Monday

With a finish last week, I am working on not one but two new projects this week. First up is Simple Squares by Missiouri Star Qults. Another easy, patrotic quilt from stuff in my stash! Here is where I am so far.

I am still moving squares around to try to balance out all the colors.

Next up is Anelie Belden's Jelly Roll Dresden, a class started at Road to CA quilt show. This is one of the layouts below, but there are many ways you can finish up this quilt

These are my cut out blades, there are over 200 blades that are needed for this quilt. I chose a pink jelly roll, and background that I already had in my stash. 

There will be more cutting and sewing going on this week. We are will be off to Pinetop on Thursday/Friday to beat the heat this week- temps will be around 105. Not sure how much I will get completed this week, but hope to make a little progress.

Have a great week and stay cool!

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  1. Love the patriotic fabrics! DH going with you?
    I'll be happy when I can work on my Dresden again.


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