Wednesday, November 6, 2019

A walk up Pinnacle Peak

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We live close to Pinnacle Peak and can see it from our front yard. This is a well know landmark in the Scottsdale area and is a park with a challenging hike. DH and I decided to hike it today and made it all the way to the end and back- about a 4 mile hike with  a lot of ups and downs.

At the top.

View of Valley
The Peak.

With all the ups and downs of the trail, think stair master, we were pretty tired after this hike. But it was worth it for the great views that you get on all sides of the peak.


  1. It does look like a challenging hike. Think you will do it regularly since it is close to home? I think I'd rather be out and about then on a stair master...=^.^= Sandi


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