Monday, August 5, 2019

Design Wall Monday

Dear Jane is back! And ready to be put together. This week I have started all the sashing strips for my Red/White/Blue Dear Jane. The blocks were all completed about a year ago, and I finally feel like I have the time and space to tackle the big job of putting in all together. Below are the first 8 rows on the design wall, with a couple of strips of sashing.

First 8 rows on design wall.
I am using the method that was posted here by Aunt 'Reen. This seemed to me to be the easiest way to attach the 1"strips to keep it all square and lined up. Check back later this week to see my progress.


  1. Patriotic Jane is back. Most of this fabric was yours, but I think I contributed a bit =^.^=. I'll have to check out the Aunt Reen method. Hope you can get this one together soon. It is taking up space where a Judy project needs to go. Is a Judy project on your 2019 UFO list. Going to look at your blog a bit closer to see for myself. Sandi

  2. I see Patriotic Jane is your #5, but the list drops off after #6 and no Judy mentioned. I see this list developing a little =^.^=


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