Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Road 2 CA Classes

 Sandi and I attended two classes during our time at R2CA quilt show. The first was by Janna Thomas of Bloc Loc rulers, called Magic Mariners Star Compass. There were many different blocks that could be made form the two sets of rulers for the class, and we learned a lot of new techniques from Janna. We always love taking classes from Janna, and her husband Paul is quite the comedian! 
Class Samples
My Blocks completed in class,
Sewing away!

Our second class was Antique Rose Star with Barbara Black. This was Barbara's first time teaching at Road and she did a great job. Sandi and I chose to make our blocks smaller than the class sample and used a 2' kite template from Marti Michell 

Class Sample

I had time to complete one block and have another ready to sew together. I really enjoyed this technique which took a complicated block with y-seams, and made it super simple and fast. If you ever have a chance to take a class with Barbara, I highly recommend it.
My Block
Sandi in Class.

Check back tomorrow for pictures of some of the beautiful quilts from the show!

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  1. Like how both of your class blocks turned out. For now we are at the same place in these two projects. Won't be for long the way you've been sewing lately!


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