Monday, March 20, 2017

Design Wall Monday

This week on the design wall is a quilt called Bulls Eye. The blocks below were a block of the month a couple of years ago from Sunshine Quilters block of the month. I was the lucky winner, but had not finished. So this is another of my UFO's for this year.  

The blocks were easy to construct, and the next step is to cut in half both ways to make 4 sections and then mix them up and sew back together. Below are a few of the blocks that are ready to sew. This is one of two projects I am working on this week. The other is step 10 of Prairie Gathering. Will post progress later this week.

Have a great week and check out more projects at Patchwork Times.


  1. This is going great so far. How many blocks did you win? Will you be making one or two projects? Did you keep the list of who participated? I think I've spotted the one I made...2nd row 1st on the left. FUN!! Sandi

    1. I may be wrong...on further look perhaps mine was the 3rd row 1st on the left HA HA! Yes it was some time ago =^.^=


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