Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Sunshine Challenge Reveal.

June was the month we had our reveal for Sunshine Quilters challenge. We were all given 3 clues from the game "Clue", and were to design a quilt around that. It could be literal or abstract, and had to be bigger than 12 inches but smaller than 24 inches.

Here is my entry. I was given Mrs. Scarlett, Kitchen and Lead Pipe. To my great surprise I won 1st place!!

See all the Entries below. I think they were all pretty creative!


  1. You still don't know what you've won! I meant to bring you your project and winnings at your DDs wedding. I also have the new velcro and beads for your Quilt Carry Bag. We need a sew day my friend! Sandi

  2. Congrads on your winnings. I was glad to have made that meeting, it was nice to see all the challenges reveal.


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