Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday Stash Report January 26, 2014

The first finish for the year!
I waited to post this until I was finished with my Celtic Solstice, which was today!!  I really like the way it turned out and love the circular motion of this quilt. This was started the Friday after Thanksgiving with Bonnie Hunter's Annual Mystery Quilt. This is also my #7 UFO finish
for Twelve in Fourteen and I will be sending this photo along to Marti for posting on her site.

My Celtic Solstice.
Next up: Purchases for the month. Below are fabrics that were purchased for two classes that were taken at Road to California Quilt Show last Tuesday and Wednesday with my friend Sandi, Harmony Square and Star Fusion. The Star Fusion Fabrics did not make it in time so we picked black and whites to use. Hope to report finishes with them soon!

Harmony Square Fabrics.
Star Fusion Fabrics.

So here are the numbers so far for January, and so far I am going in the wrong direction. Hope to change that soon with a couple of more finishes!!
Used this week: 14.0yards.
Used Year to date: 14.0 yards
Purchased this week: 16.25 yards.
Purchased Year to date: 16.25 yards.
Net Fabric Used in 2014: -2.25yards.

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  1. Your CS quilt is gorgeous. Love the green Batiks.

  2. I like how your changes in color turned out in Celtic Solstice. You'll have to use some sort of circular quilting design...what are you thinking for the binding fabric?

  3. I saw your photo on 52 Quilts. Great colors! (Making a face here) Hoping this is still unquilted so you can change that one block. I'm not keeping close tabs on my stash report, but I have a worse grade than yours since I found a $5/yd sale last week !! Ditto on the circular quilting idea, too.

  4. Love this quilt design, well done! Gorgeous colour combo.


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