Monday, June 25, 2012

Design Wall Monday June 25, 2012

Dear Jane is Back!!

If you have been following my Blog, you know that I started a Dear Jane Quilt-or as Brenda calls it- a Baby Jane Quilt, last year at Empty Spools Seminar in Asilomar, CA.  I was able to take the class with Brenda Papadakis who drafted and published all the blocks in her Dear Jane Book. My wonderful quilting friends gifted me with about 25 blocks last year, and I was able to complete another 25 last year in the class, but did not work on it all when I returned home.

Fast forward to last week, where I was once again able to return to Asilomar and take Brenda's class again, along with many other "Janiacs" who returned for more fun with all those 41/2 inch blocks. We sewed and sewed for 5 straight days, sharing our finished blocks and getting to know one another,while making this amazing quilt.  Below are the 30 blocks that I was able to finish last week.  Almost half way there with only 89 more blocks to go!!!! ( Yes, there are 169 blocks in the center of the quilt)

Beware, this is an addiction, and I am determined to finish this quilt by next year and show it at next year's class (yes, I have already signed up for a return trip next March and hope to start another in Red/White/Blue)
Empty Spools Seminars is a unique experience with many well know instructors. If you ever have the opportunity to attend, I highly recommend it!

Hope you are working on something fun this week!
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  1. How fabulous for them to give you 25 blocks! Wow! it is beautiful.


  2. Well done! They look wonderful. I've been working on one very slowly for a few years now and I think you have more done than me at this point! Keep on your roll - I'm getting inspired to work on mine again!

  3. its a "how do you eat an elephant" quilt. Loved the clover quilt--I will have to look in my book again.

  4. Excellent...30 finished this year. Each and everyone one look great. Are you serious about another one??? When did you write this post? Were you still where the grapes grow so well? =^.^= Sandi

  5. I finally decided that I didn't really like the 40 or so blocks that I had made so I gave them away. I am so glad. I want to restart and make one out of brights but Farmer's Wife jumped in line first.

  6. Beautiful!! I have 10 or so done, I can't imagine having almost half of it done. Love your colors.

  7. That is a whole lot of blocks. I know it will be a treasure when it is completed.


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