Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Stash Report, September 18, 2011

With all the sewing I did this week in Mammoth, I still do not have a completion to report. I am getting close to finishing Scrap Happy- the top is about halfway finished. Just need a couple of more days off-but have to return to work tomorrow. :(

We did get in some nice hiking to Rainbow Falls and took a side trip to Yosemite. Beautiful time of year- the leaves are just barely starting to change.

Rainbow Falls
San Joaquin River- Middle Fork

So, no changes to the numbers:

Used this week: 0 yards
Used YTD: 195.25 yards.

Purchased this week: 4.5 yards

Purchased YTD: 66.5 yards.

Net fabric used in 2011: 128.75 yards


  1. This is a test to see if this post shows up!!

    Beautiful pictures!!

  2. WoW it worked this time....but I sent another one, not sure what happened!!!
    Love the quilts!
    Love You.

  3. Beautiful photos. Haven't been to Yosemite since I lived in California as a child. Won't talk about how many decades that has been! : )

  4. Sure is pretty in that part of California. You'll be having some new numbers to report before too long! Sandi


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