2018 UFO's

Here is my line up of UFO's for 2018.

#1 Bonnie Hunter Mystery: On Ringo Lake. 
Started in November and still a work in progress. Finished!

#2 Magic Mariner's Compass by Janna Thomas. 
Class taken at Road to California in January 2018.

#3 Antique Rose Star by Barbara Black. 
Class at Road to California Quilt Show in January 2018. Finished!

#4 Baby Quilt for Marigold. Not sure what this will be yet. 
Still in the design stage, awaiting input from Mom. Finished!

#5 Baby Quilt for Asher. National park theme quilt. 
Have fabric that might be used in this one. Finished!

#6 Bonnie Hunter pumpkins. 
Love this quilt and have all the fabrics pulled to make. Finished!

#7 Sew Kind of Wonderful Trees. 
A small quilt that I will make into a table runner. 
Fabrics already pulled together and will be a bit different from above. Finished!

#8 Sew Kind of Wonderful Table runner.
 I will be making in Christmas Fabrics for a future gift,

#9 One more Sew Kind of Wonderful pattern. 
Fabrics ready to go. Finished!

#10 RWB Dear Jane. 
A work in progress for the last 3 years and this is the year 
that I have committed to finish by June! 
This will be one of the first ones I will be working on this year.

#11 Sunshine Mystery. Started in September. 
Awaiting the next clue in January. Finished!

#12 Dawn's early Light. Another Bonnie Hunter Quilt. 
Sandi gifted the blocks to me for my birthday last year 
and we are both working on this one for 2018!

I have a pretty aggressive workload in store for 2018 
and hope to complete them all!

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